How to become a good project manager

Anna Rybalchenko
August 16, 2023

Imagine being a project manager in a world of swirling deadlines, conflicting priorities, and ever-changing project requirements. The pressure to deliver successful outcomes while keeping a diverse team on track can be overwhelming. Rest assured! We're here to guide you on your journey to becoming an exceptional project manager. 

For project managers, navigating the intricacies of meetings can often feel like treading through uncharted waters. The pressure to orchestrate productive discussions, keep everyone on track, and achieve project success can be immense. Allow us to introduce you to two indispensable templates that will revolutionize the way you approach meetings: the Meeting Template and the Meeting Organizer Template.

Mastering Meeting Template

The Meeting Template is an invaluable tool that can significantly contribute to your journey of becoming a skilled project manager. Here's why incorporating the Meeting Template into your project management process can make a remarkable difference:

  • Structured and Clear Agenda: By defining the meeting objectives and allocating specific time slots to each agenda item, you create a roadmap that guides the discussion and keeps everyone focused. This structured approach ensures that meetings are purposeful, maximizing productivity and minimizing time wasted on irrelevant or unproductive topics.
  • Effective Time Management: By allocating dedicated time to each agenda item, you ensure that discussions stay on track and don't overrun. Additionally, the template helps you prioritize and balance the agenda items based on their importance and urgency, enabling you to make efficient use of the available meeting time.
  • Collaboration and Engagement: By promoting open discussions and encouraging diverse perspectives, the Meeting Template enhances the collaborative spirit within your team, leading to better decision-making and improved project outcomes.
  • Minimized Risk of Tangents and Unproductive Discussions: One common challenge in meetings is the tendency to drift off-topic or engage in unproductive tangents. The Meeting Template helps mitigate this risk by keeping discussions focused on the predefined agenda items. 

As for the most efficient way to utilize the Meeting Template, it is recommended to customize it for each specific meeting before inviting your teammates or stakeholders to join in. Include relevant details such as the meeting topic, agenda, and the names of participants and their respective roles.

Remember, the Meeting Template is a versatile tool that can be adapted to different meeting types, such as project kickoff meetings, status update meetings, or brainstorming sessions. By consistently utilizing the Meeting Template and tailoring it to your specific needs, you will establish a systematic approach to meetings that drives productivity, collaboration, and project success.

Efficient Use of the Meeting Organizer Template

Mastering the Meeting Organizer Template is an essential step towards becoming an exceptional project manager. Let's delve into how utilizing this template can elevate your project management skills and ensure seamless coordination of meetings:

  • Streamlined Meeting Scheduling: By utilizing this template, you can efficiently plan and organize meetings by specifying the date, time, and duration. This level of organization and clarity ensures that all participants are aware of the meeting details, reducing scheduling conflicts and facilitating maximum attendance.
  • Effortless Participant Management: The Meeting Organizer Template allows you to invite participants by providing their names and email addresses. This streamlines communication, minimizes the risk of missed invitations, and guarantees that everyone is aware of their roles and responsibilities within the meeting.
  • Action Item Tracking and Accountability: The Meeting Organizer Template assists you in capturing important action items and decisions made during the meeting. This promotes accountability and ensures that action items are not forgotten or overlooked, ultimately driving progress and successful project outcomes.
  • Seamless Meeting Follow-ups: The Meeting Organizer Template allows you to set reminders and send follow-up emails to participants, summarizing the meeting discussions, action items, and any additional relevant information. 

To make the most efficient use of the Meeting Organizer Template, it is essential to input specific data relevant to each meeting before you invite participants. This includes the meeting agenda, which should outline the key topics to be discussed and the desired outcomes. Additionally, include any relevant documents or resources that participants may need to review before the meeting. 

By consistently utilizing the Meeting Organizer Template, you'll experience improved organization, better communication, and increased accountability in your meetings. This streamlined approach empowers you to become a more effective project manager, ensuring that meetings are well-coordinated, productive, and aligned with your project goals.


Becoming a good project manager requires a combination of skills, tools, and strategies. By leveraging the Meeting template and the Meeting organizer template, you can streamline your project management process, promote effective communication, and ensure everyone is aligned toward project goals. 

Conference Room's suite of templates and tools empowers project managers to excel in their roles, saving time and effort while promoting collaboration and productivity. Don't let the complexities of project management hold you back. Embrace these powerful resources and take your project management skills to new heights. Start simplifying your work and unlocking success today!

In addition to these templates, integrating recognition and time-tracking platforms such as Karma Recognition Bot and Time Bot into your project management toolkit can further enhance your effectiveness as a project manager. These innovative tools provide valuable insights and mechanisms for fostering collaboration, accountability, and productivity within your team. By recognizing and appreciating team members' contributions through Karma Recognition Bot and efficiently tracking time with Time Bot, you'll create a positive work environment and optimize resource allocation. Embrace these tools alongside the Meeting template and the Meeting organizer template to maximize your project management capabilities and drive successful outcomes.

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