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1 Truth 2 Lies Icebreaker Template

Break the ice and share fun facts to challenge and get to know each other better.

About the 1 Truth 2 Lies Icebreaker Template

Alice Jankins, a digital project manager and coach, devised the "1 Truth and 2 Lies" Icebreaker Template, a creative variation of the classic "2 Truths and 1 Lie" icebreaker activity. This innovative template serves as a valuable resource for facilitators aiming to foster team connections and enhance team-building experiences.

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What’s the 1 Truth 2 Lies Icebreaker Template?

Drawing inspiration from the conventional game "2 Truths and 1 Lie," this icebreaker introduces a fresh twist. In this template, participants are tasked with sharing one genuine fact about themselves alongside two fabricated statements. The objective of this activity is to encourage lively interactions among individuals in an enjoyable manner.

Benefits of using 1 Truth 2 Lies Icebreaker Template

Utilizing the "1 Truth 2 Lies" Icebreaker Template offers several benefits, including:

Engaged Interaction
The template prompts participants to interact actively and creatively, fostering dynamic conversations and meaningful connections.

Enhanced Team Building
Sharing real facts and crafted lies deepens understanding among participants, leading to stronger team bonds and camaraderie.

Active Listening Skills
Participants develop better listening skills as they discern truths from lies, promoting attentive and respectful communication.

Boosted Morale
The activity's lightheartedness injects positivity and humor, uplifting the atmosphere and creating a more enjoyable experience.

Diverse Perspectives
The icebreaker offers a glimpse into participants' backgrounds and experiences, promoting inclusivity and broadening collective perspectives.

How to use the 1 Truth 2 Lies Icebreaker Template

Step 1: Invite all participants to contribute by adding one truthful statement and two fabricated statements to their virtual sticky notes.

Step 2: Encourage engagement by having participants cast votes on the sticky note they believe contains the truthful statement.

Step 3: Initiate a round of sharing, allowing participants to reveal the true statement (or the lies) they posted.

By adhering to these steps, you can efficiently leverage the 1 Truth 2 Lies Icebreaker Template to encourage interaction, facilitate connection, and foster a lively and engaging atmosphere among participants

1 Truth and 2 Lies Icebreaker Template FAQ

What are some good lies to use in 1 Truth and 2 Lies?

When using the "1 Truth and 2 Lies" icebreaker activity, crafting intriguing and believable lies can add an element of fun and challenge. Here are some examples of good lies you can use:

  • I hold the world record for the longest time spent juggling three rubber ducks.
  • I won a hot dog eating contest at a local fair.
  • I hiked the entire length of the Great Wall of China.

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