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Warm-ups and Wake-ups Template

Infuse energy into your workshops and engage participants with our series of interactive warm-up and wake-up icebreakers.

About the Warm-ups and Wake-ups Template

The Warm-ups and Wake-ups Template is a collection of interactive activities designed to energize participants and foster engagement in workshops and meetings. These icebreakers help create a lively and positive atmosphere, setting the stage for productive collaboration and participation.

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What’s the Warm-ups and Wake-ups Template?

The Warm-ups and Wake-ups Template is a comprehensive resource comprising five interactive icebreaker exercises that aim to foster connection, energy, and engagement among participants.

The included icebreakers are:

  • "Would you rather?"
  • "About me"
  • "Artifact"
  • "Two Truths and a Lie"
  • "How I work"

Below, we will provide detailed instructions on how to effectively utilize each of these icebreakers.

Benefits of using the Warm-ups and Wake-ups Template

The Warm-ups and Wake-ups Template offers several benefits:


The template helps captivate participants' attention and actively involve them in the session, leading to increased engagement and participation.


The icebreakers facilitate connections among participants by encouraging interaction, sharing personal experiences, and fostering a sense of community and teamwork.

Setting the Tone

The icebreakers set a positive tone for the session, creating a warm and welcoming environment where participants feel valued and encouraged to contribute their ideas and perspectives.

How to use the Warm-ups and Wake-ups Template

Would You Rather

This popular game can transform any session into a fun-filled meeting where participants make intriguing choices.

Here's how to run this icebreaker:

  1. Set up

    Before the workshop begins, populate the central column of the template with participant names or photos. This personalizes the experience and adds a touch of familiarity.

  2. Present the scenarios

    Read out each scenario, offering two options for participants to choose from. The choices should be contrasting and thought-provoking, leaving no room for a middle ground.

  3. Make a choice

    Encourage everyone to select their preferred option and physically move their photo or name to the corresponding side on the template.

  4. Have a blast

    Once everyone has made their choices and shifted their names or photos accordingly, it's time to have fun! Explore the reasons behind participants' selections, sparking discussions and laughter.

About me

  1. Personalize your frame

    Each participant will have their own frame to fill out. They can add the following elements:

    • A picture that represents them.
    • A picture symbolizing the current year for them.
    • One thing they recently learned.
    • A picture of their favorite food.
  2. Ask participants to complete their frames before the workshop begins.

  3. Introductions in 60 seconds

During the workshop, allocate dedicated time for introductions. Ask each participant to share their frame and provide a brief explanation of their choices within 60 seconds. This allows for efficient sharing and keeps the session on track.


  1. Capture meaningful items

    Ask each participant to take a picture of an item that holds personal significance or meaning to them. It could be something from their workspace, a sentimental object, or anything that tells a story.

  2. Place artifacts next to names

    Using the template, have participants upload their pictures and place them next to their names. This visual representation adds a personal touch to the activity.

  3. Share stories

    Once the artifacts are displayed, invite each participant to share the story behind their chosen item. Encourage them to provide context, memories, or emotions associated with it. This sharing session creates connections and deeper understanding among the group.

Two Truths and a Lie

  1. Write three statements

    Ask each participant to write down three statements about themselves, placing them under their names on the template. Two of these statements must be true, while one should be a lie.

  2. Round of sharing

    Encourage everyone to take turns reading their statements aloud. Participants can add a bit of suspense or creativity while presenting their statements to make it more exciting.

  3. Vote for the lie

    After each participant has shared their statements, ask everyone to vote on which statement they believe is the lie for each person. They can mark their choices on the template or vote verbally.

How I Work

  1. Pre-workshop setup

    Before the workshop begins, create a board with participants' names and titles paired up. This ensures everyone has a designated space for the activity.

  2. Trait selection

    Ask each participant to choose one trait from a set provided and slide it under their name on the board. These traits can represent their preferred working styles or collaboration preferences.

  3. Playback and discussion

    Invite participants to take turns reviewing and sharing the traits displayed on their partner's board. This allows for insights into different working styles, promotes understanding, and encourages discussions on how to collaborate effectively.

To add the How I Work icebreaker to your workshop board:

  1. Select the desired icebreaker frame.
  2. Copy the icebreaker frame.
  3. Paste it onto your workshop board.

Warm-ups and Wake-ups Template FAQs

How do you warm-up for an online meeting?

Facilitators often include online icebreakers in workshops and meetings to create a welcoming and engaging atmosphere. FigJam offers a wide range of icebreakers to choose from. Select the one that suits your requirements and enjoy the experience!

How do you energize virtual meetings?

Energize your virtual meetings with icebreakers! This template offers five engaging activities to keep participants active and engaged during workshops or meetings. If these options don't fit your needs, explore more icebreakers in our FigJamverse community for endless possibilities to inject energy into your sessions.

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