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What's on Your Radar Template

Solve problems, align priorities, and enhance communication seamlessly.

About the What's on Your Radar Template

The "What's On Your Radar" template is a powerful method designed to enhance team communication, problem-solving, and prioritization. By utilizing this template, teams can collaboratively identify and address crucial issues, align their efforts, and map out priorities effectively.

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What is the What's On Your Radar Method

The "What's On Your Radar" method is an innovative approach to team collaboration and problem-solving. It serves as a dynamic framework that encourages teams to collectively identify, assess, and address key issues, opportunities, and tasks. This method fosters open communication, ensuring that every team member's insights and perspectives are considered, leading to more comprehensive and well-rounded solutions.

In a team meeting or collaborative session, each member contributes their input, placing their respective items within the appropriate segments based on their perceived importance and timeline. This process sparks meaningful discussions about the significance, urgency, and potential impact of each item. By engaging in this collective prioritization exercise, teams can align their efforts effectively, ensuring that everyone is focused on the most crucial aspects of the challenge or objective at hand.

The "What's On Your Radar" method transcends traditional approaches by promoting a holistic view of the situation. It moves beyond individual perspectives and ensures that a diverse range of considerations are factored into decision-making. This method not only aids in problem-solving but also enhances team cohesion, as it provides a platform for every team member to contribute actively and feel valued for their insights.

When to Use What's On Your Radar

The "What's On Your Radar" method is particularly useful in situations where:

  • Problem Identification

    When a team needs to identify and address key problems, challenges, or opportunities.

  • Prioritization

    It's essential to prioritize tasks or initiatives based on their significance and impact.

  • Alignment

    When team members need to align their efforts and ensure everyone is on the same page.

  • Regular Check-ins

    During regular team meetings or check-ins provide a platform for sharing updates and discussing important matters..

Create Your Own What's On Your Radar Template

Follow these steps to create your own "What's On Your Radar" template:

  1. Decide Which Problem Your Team Wants to Solve

    Begin by selecting the challenge your team aims to tackle. Before labeling segments on the template, ensure consensus on the project's focus. Despite facing diverse issues, pinpoint a singular objective. The goal is to translate radar insights into feasible, practical actions.

  2. Label Your Segments

    Assign labels to your segments. Visualize each concentric circle on the board as divided sections representing different components of your team's challenge. These sections categorize and prioritize elements. After identifying the challenge, affix labels to the segments. Suppose you're launching a new website; your segments could encompass web pages, calls to action, stakeholders, and feedback.

  3. Engage in team discussion

    During a meeting or collaborative session, inspire each member to contribute their radar insights linked to the selected problem. Encourage the sharing of tasks, challenges, possible remedies, and innovative concepts.

  4. Organize priorities systematically

    While addressing the problem, categorize tasks based on importance. Imagine launching a website – classify tasks for immediate completion and those for the future. Inscribe high-priority items within the inner circle, such as "craft web copy" and "select brand colors." Priorities decrease as circles expand; e.g., a middle circle holds tasks like "establish website blog," and the outermost circle features "gather customer feedback." Regularly review goals with the team, adjusting segments and tasks as necessary.

By following FigJam`s template, teams can streamline their focus, enhance communication, and make informed decisions regarding the issues that matter most. The "What's On Your Radar" method promotes a collaborative and strategic approach to tackling challenges and driving success.

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