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REAN Template

Leverage the REAN template to assess marketing activities associated with reach, engagement, activation, and nurture.

About the REAN Template

What is the REAN model?

The REAN model evaluates the success of marketing initiatives. It was initially proposed by Xavier Blanc in 2006 and popularized by Steve Jackson in Cult of Analytics. Nowadays, marketing teams use it for a range of purposes. In reality, many groups depend on the REAN model due to its versatility.

The REAN model can be customized to different marketing efforts, such as formulating measurement structures, deciding on marketing objectives, mapping digital marketing channels, and constructing novel digital tactics. Moreover, marketing teams may also employ it to create KPIs to track how their promotional activities are performing.

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The four factors of the REAN model

To employ the REAN model proficiently, it is essential to comprehend its four primary quadrants:

  1. Reach - Reach measures the effectiveness of the implemented measure you’ve used to attract people to your site. You will have to put out an ad or marketing materials to increase reach. Many teams measure reach in impression metrics.
  2. Engage - Engage allows you to understand the ways prospects or customers are interacting with your brand. A high click-through rate is an indication that your prospects and customers are seeing your marketing efforts.
  3. Activate - Activate measures whether users are following a different path or taking certain actions on your website.
  4. Nurture - This captures whether you are encouraging your visitors to return to your site and consume more of your content. When you measure Nurture, you can see if your remarketing efforts are working.

Create a REAN model

Our pre-established REAN Template is cooperative, user-friendly, and customizable. Adhere to these steps to craft the ideal REAN framework for your organization:

  1. Include the pertinent details in the quadrants. When you're in the template, take note of the four quadrants of the REAN framework. Insert your essential data into these quadrants to begin your examination.
  2. Distribute the template among your group. With all the details in the template, you can now send it out to your team and any external parties. They can assess the template before you take the next step.
  3. Work together and modify. After distributing the template, you can coordinate with your group to review the data and give input. This procedure will guarantee that all aspects have been considered and that everything is on track.
  4. Formulate a strategy. From there, you can devise an action plan for your future objectives. This plan should be based on the data you have studied from prior marketing endeavours.

How to run a REAN workshop

In order to host a REAN workshop, it is essential to comprehend the procedure. To understand how to get ready, here is a summary:

Identify the actors involved.

An actor is any individual who makes choices concerning your advertising efforts or executes marketing activities. For instance, financial actors control budgets and expenditures. Business actors are the decision-makers that form business plans. It is essential to recognize all of these people so that you can decide who to include in the workshop and whose approval will be necessary for making changes.

Construct the REAN model

Utilizing our FigJam template to make your chart come alive and work together with your group quickly.

Discuss the four quadrants

The workshop will provide an opportunity to collaborate and discuss the various components of the REAN framework. All participants should come ready to exchange ideas and opinions about how this framework can be effectively employed.

Formulate a strategy

After analyzing the REAN framework, persist in the collaboration process to devise an agenda of action. This agenda should summarize what was acquired from the workshop and how this knowledge will be utilized for upcoming marketing endeavors.

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