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Team Meeting Agenda Template

Ensure your team meetings stay focused and efficient by utilizing our Team Meeting Agenda template.

About the Team Meeting Agenda Template

Ensuring that you allocate sufficient time for your team is crucial to making informed decisions, establishing joint priorities, and working towards shared goals. A well-planned team meeting with a clear agenda can help your team achieve the following:

  • Assess progress against team objectives and key results (OKRs)
  • Share important project updates
  • Identify productivity obstacles or progress roadblocks and brainstorm solutions
  • Generate new ideas or projects
  • Acknowledge individual contributions and celebrate collective achievements

This customizable template for a team meeting agenda can be tailored to suit any function or department – whether you are tracking metrics, developing marketing campaigns, or planning sprints.

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What is Team Meeting Agenda?

When you are required to share information and work collaboratively with your team, it is essential to have a well-structured schedule, which can be achieved through a team meeting agenda. This will allow your team to set goals, discuss talking points, assign action items and identify who will lead the next steps. A typical team meeting agenda should comprise of:

  • Planning details such as the date, time, location and attendees
  • A designated leader for the meeting
  • Topics that need to be discussed
  • Action items

It is important that you gather feedback from your team or direct reports before the meeting to ensure that everyone's concerns are addressed. This could include topics such as current project statuses or anything they would like to share. Doing so will make everyone feel heard and valued for their contributions towards creating an effective meeting agenda.

Create your own meeting agenda

Making your own meeting agenda is easy. The FigJam whiteboard is a great canvas to create and share it. Select the template and follow these steps to begin making one

1. Name the meeting for what it is so that people know what to expect.

2. Define the amount of time you will be spending on different parts of the meeting.

3. Identify who is leading the meeting and add their name to the template. Ensure that you set goals for them.

4. Use the agenda to create talking points and discussion topics.

5. Kick off the meeting and add notes to Workspace. Try timeboxing.

6. Write the outcome to document and assign steps to each team member. Prioritize the important tasks.

Pro tip: Recap and act on all the steps. Aim to end on a positive note

FAQ about the Team Meeting Agenda template

What should be included in a team meeting agenda?

A Team Meeting Agenda template can be customized according to your needs, but some fundamental elements should be included. These include goals, topics, time slots and desired outcomes. By incorporating these key components into your meeting agenda template, you and your team can easily align on projects, set clear expectations and ensure the meeting runs efficiently. This will help you achieve better results and make the most of your allocated time slot with your team.

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