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Features Audit Template

Identify the right opportunities for investment, and find out which features can be removed.

About the Features Audit Template

What is a Feature Audit?

It can be helpful to take a step back and assess your product features before you map out your product roadmap. A good question to ask yourself is: Are my customers using all of my product’s features? It's normal for the answer to be no - most customers don't use all the features of a product.

A feature audit is necessary when you find features that aren't being used by customers. There are four possible ways to deal with these features. The first option is to remove the feature from the product. The second option is to make sure more customers are aware of the feature by increasing its visibility. The third option is to increase the frequency with which customers use the feature. The fourth and final option is to improve the feature itself.

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Why should you try Features Audit?

Auditing your features will help you to identify and remove any that are unnecessary and so increase the adoption rate of your product. It will also help you increase its usage frequency and improve users' outcomes.

What you can learn from a features audit

  1. Identify how many people are actually using it and how often they use it. Plot these data points on a graph with two dimensions: adoption (how many people use the feature) and frequency (how often people use it).
  2. Analyze the value and quality of all core features. Conduct a survey or focus group or brainstorm with your team to jump start.
  3. After you've identified which features you want to work on in step one, you can then move them into different quadrants to see if you can improve either the frequency or adoption rate.
  4. Look at the results and create an action plan.

How can FigJam help you perform your Features Audit?

  • Select the FigJam’s Features Audit template.
  • Take advantage of handy features in the template to create yours quickly.
  • Upload and store all essential documents in one place.
  • Do the research, brainstorm and collaborate with your team online, with the shared access to the board.
  • Leave comments, use video chat, tag coworkers to ask questions and receive a quick feedback.

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