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The Big Picture Icebreaker Puzzle Template

Learn how to better collaborate and communicate with this fun and unique Icebreaker Puzzle Template.

About the The Big Picture Icebreaker Puzzle Template

The Big Picture Icebreaker Puzzle Template is a dynamic tool designed to foster teamwork and engagement. With this template, teams can come together to solve a puzzle, breaking the ice and igniting collaboration. By working collectively towards a shared goal, participants build stronger bonds, improve communication, and unleash their creative problem-solving skills.

This template provides a fun and interactive way to kickstart meetings, workshops, or team-building sessions, allowing individuals to see the bigger picture and achieve success together.

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What’s the The Big Picture Icebreaker Puzzle Template?

The Big Picture Icebreaker Puzzle Template is a unique activity designed to foster collaboration and engagement within teams. It involves solving a puzzle where each participant contributes a piece, symbolizing their role and contribution to the bigger picture.

This template is an interactive and fun way to break the ice, enhance communication, and align individuals towards a common goal. It can be used in various settings, such as team meetings, workshops, or team-building events, to create a shared sense of purpose and collective achievement.

Benefits of using the Template

The Big Picture Icebreaker Puzzle Template offers several benefits for teams and individuals:

  • Collaboration and Team Building

    The template promotes collaboration and team building by requiring participants to work together to solve the puzzle. It encourages communication, cooperation, and mutual understanding, fostering a sense of unity and shared accomplishment.

  • Icebreaker and Engagement

    This template serves as an effective icebreaker activity, breaking down barriers and creating a positive and interactive atmosphere. It helps participants get to know each other, build rapport, and establish connections, leading to increased engagement and participation.

  • Communication and Problem Solving

    As teams work on the puzzle, they need to communicate effectively, share ideas, and collectively problem-solve. It enhances communication skills, encourages active listening, and cultivates a supportive environment for sharing perspectives and finding solutions.

  • Big Picture Thinking

    The template emphasizes the concept of the "bigger picture," illustrating how individual contributions fit into the larger team or organizational goals. It helps participants develop a broader perspective, understand the significance of their roles, and align their efforts towards a common objective.

  • Creativity and Innovation

    The interactive nature of the template stimulates creativity and innovative thinking. Participants can bring their unique perspectives and ideas to the table, fostering a culture of creativity and sparking innovative solutions to challenges.

  • Energizing and Fun

    The Big Picture Icebreaker Puzzle Template injects energy and excitement into team activities. It adds an element of fun and enjoyment, creating a positive and memorable experience for participants.

Overall, using The Big Picture Icebreaker Puzzle Template enhances teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and engagement, leading to a more cohesive and productive team dynamic.

How to use the Template

Here are the revised steps on how to set up the puzzle:

  • Prepare the Puzzle Image

    Select an image to use for the puzzle. You can either cut it into a grid manually or utilize a free website like Jigsaw Puzzles to create and save images as puzzles.

  • Upload the Puzzle Image to FigJam

    Using the upload icon on the left toolbar, upload the puzzle images to your FigJam board. Mix them up and consider rotating some of the pieces to add an extra level of difficulty.

  • Duplicate the Puzzle

    Duplicate the puzzle as many times as needed, based on the number of teams participating in your session. Each team should have its dedicated workspace to solve the puzzle and utilize the allocated spaces on the template.

How to run the Icebreaker Puzzle

Here are the revised tips on how to run the Icebreaker Puzzle:

  1. Provide Clear Instructions

    Each frame of the puzzle should contain instructions that guide participants on how to solve it.

  2. Set a Timer

    To ensure fairness, set a timer so that everyone has the same amount of time to complete the task.

  3. Declare a Winner

    At the end of the icebreaker, announce the winner or winning team who completed the puzzle first.

  4. Conduct a Retrospective

    Facilitate a quick retrospective discussion placed at the center of the template. Use the four quadrants to gather insights:

    • What challenges made building this task difficult?
    • How could this task have been made easier?
    • What similar challenges do you face at work?
    • What actions can be taken to improve collaboration?

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