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Parking Lot Matrix Template

Ensure that your team meetings remain on track by effectively managing distractions, ideas, and side discussions.

About the Parking Lot Matrix Template

Capturing ideas and addressing issues that need further research or discussion can be made easier with the help of the Ideas Parking Lot Matrix, also known as the "Wall of Ideas". This democratic approach encourages everyone to take ownership of their contributions during the meeting.

At the end of discussions, any central ideas, barriers to progress, or tangents that haven't been resolved can be noted in this framework. Team members can then agree on what should be prioritized and report back on any significant improvements since the last meeting.

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What is an ideas parking lot matrix?

A parking lot matrix is a helpful tool for workshops or meetings to ensure distractions and irrelevant topics don't derail the conversation. It helps to capture everyone's input and ideas in one place, thus allowing the group to stay focused on the main discussion.

This method of organizing ideas is beneficial when participants tend to go off-topic or present vague concepts that could lead to scope creep. Instead of getting lost in these suggestions, they can be 'parked' until the right time and context arise, creating a stockpile of valuable insights that can be referenced later.

Create your own Ideas Parking Lot Matrix

Making your own team meeting is easy. The FigJam whiteboard is a great canvas to create and share them. Select the template and follow these steps to begin making one.

  • Make sure you stay on topic during the meeting. If anyone has different ideas, tell them to document their thoughts in writing until you get to that topic.
  • Collect clusters of questions or unproven ideas to follow-up on.
  • Clarify your team’s action items to follow-up on with a realistic timeline to report back on progress.
  • Make plans to set up another follow-up meeting. This template is an action plan for future discussion, research, and meetings. Try incorporating it to keep everyone organized and on track.

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