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Gap Analysis Template

Elevate your strategic planning with our Gap Analysis Template. Identify and bridge performance gaps for streamlined progress and growth.

About the Gap Analysis Template

Leverage a gap analysis to pinpoint deficiencies in your company's products or processes. Collaborate and assess historical performance benchmarks as a team to minimize guesswork and conflicts, especially concerning internal aspects, challenges, or opportunities for enhancement. This versatile template can be customized to conduct targeted gap analyses for areas like skills, candidates, software, processes, vendors, training, market, data, or security. Following a gap analysis, consider undertaking a SWOT analysis to gain insight into broader strengths and opportunities.

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What is a gap analysis?

A gap analysis is a strategic procedure enabling your business to evaluate its current status against desired goals. By identifying obstacles that hinder goal achievement, it propels your organization towards progress and advancement. When goals are established, the current situation is assessed, and barriers are identified, your team can collaboratively devise a plan to attain those objectives.

When to use a gap analysis

Conducting a gap analysis enhances your team's strategic planning capabilities. It aids in problem identification, product or service adaptation, and process refinement to align more effectively with your goals.

Your company can use a gap analysis for:

  1. Strategic Planning: Use gap analysis to align your strategic goals with your current capabilities and resources.
  2. Performance Evaluation: Assess performance gaps to identify areas needing improvement in projects or processes.
  3. Resource Allocation: Determine resource gaps to allocate assets effectively.
  4. Organizational Development: Apply gap analysis to uncover skill or knowledge gaps within your workforce.
  5. Product Development: Use it to understand discrepancies between customer expectations and the current product or service offerings.

How to use the gap analysis template

Conducting a gap analysis and collaborating with your team through FigJam's virtual platform is straightforward. This adaptable template suits any industry. Here's how to create your own:

  1. Define Your "Current State"

    Identify areas within your business that require improvement or alignment with the company's vision. Take a holistic view, understanding all aspects of your business and its current performance.

  2. Define Your Desired "Future State"

    Embrace idealism to tap into your team's full potential and the organization's possibilities. Collaborate with your team to explore creative approaches to bring your vision closer to reality and define success in an ideal scenario.

  3. Identify the Gap and Work Toward Solutions

    Pinpoint the disparities between the current and future states. Incorporate specific metrics, such as KPIs, for measurable focus (e.g., percentage change, financial value, item quantity). Ensure these indicators have measurable baselines for comparison between present and future performance, spanning both short-term and long-term objectives.

  4. Implement an Action Plan or Remedies for Your Team

    Formulate precise tasks for your team to address the identified gaps. Prioritize these tasks based on their level of complexity and potential impact.

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