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Logo Presentation Template

Make a lasting impression with our Logo Presentation Template. Showcase your brand's essence and captivate audiences with stunning visuals.

About the Logo Presentation Template

The Logo Presentation Template is designed to enhance your logo ideas and provide captivating narratives that give them context. Whether presenting to clients, colleagues, employees, or partners, this template is your go-to solution.

Captivate your audience with a single glance, allowing them to instantly grasp the relatability, beauty, and versatility of your new logo. Showcase its potential to elevate their brand's visibility and appeal to their desired customer base, leaving them pleasantly surprised.

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How to present a new logo

Ditch the mundane approach of simply sending a logo file on a white background. Instead, impress your clients with a captivating presentation that tells a compelling story. By presenting your logo design ideas in a professional manner, you can achieve the following:

  1. Showcase your expertise and skills, building trust and confidence in your design solutions.
  2. Persuade your audience that the new logo is not only visually appealing but also timeless, ensuring its longevity.
  3. Demonstrate the adaptability of the new logo across various situations and media platforms, illustrating its versatility.
  4. Assist your clients in overcoming doubts and embracing the transition from their old brand identity.

With a powerful presentation, you can engage your clients, instill trust, and inspire them to embrace the exciting possibilities of a new logo design.

What should be included in a logo presentation?

Elevate your logo presentation beyond the ordinary by aiming to astonish and cultivate adoration for your new concept. Enhance its impact by incorporating mood boards or style scapes that effectively convey the desired atmosphere and showcase the sources of inspiration behind your design. This approach adds depth to your presentation, making it more evocative and captivating.

Anticipate your clients' potential questions about logo applications and proactively address them within your presentation. By incorporating mockups, you can visually demonstrate the new logo's potential and showcase how it will seamlessly integrate into real-life scenarios. Imagine the logo on merchandise, mobile apps, billboards, or public transportation, tailoring the examples to align with your clients' specific industry and scale.

By going above and beyond in your presentation, you can create a lasting impression, foster emotional connections, and provide your clients with a clear vision of the logo's versatility and potential.

How to use the Logo Presentation Template

Streamline your presentation creation process and save valuable time with FigJam's user-friendly presentation maker. With its intuitive interface, you can effortlessly prepare and organize a pixel-perfect presentation in under an hour, especially if you already have a clear structure in mind.

Here's a simple three-step guide to using FigJam's presentation maker:

Step 1: Gather your assets such as mood boards, mockups, and other relevant visuals. Select up to three bold and contrasting logo ideas to showcase. Ensure that your logo maintains its visual impact across different sizes and materials. Outline important guidelines for logo usage.

Step 2: Choose this template and personalize it to suit your needs. Customize the branding, copy, and visuals to align with your presentation objectives. Display your logo in various sizes and on both white and dark backgrounds. This is an opportune moment to invite colleagues to collaborate, offering their insights on the presentation's tone (formal or informal) and the number of slides to include.

Step 3: Once you've finished editing the template, switch to Presentation mode. This view provides a full-screen display, replicating the exact experience your clients will have when viewing the presentation. Use this mode to identify and rectify any minor errors before presenting. No downloads or installations are necessary to give a presentation—simply rely on Presentation mode whenever you need to showcase your slides.

The dos and don’ts of logo presentation

Regardless of the greatness of your new logo, the presentation itself plays a crucial role in making a lasting impression. To ensure you impress your audience, it's important to consider the best practices:

The dos of logo presentation:

  1. Present your logo concept in person: Avoid distancing yourself from your creative work by presenting it in person. This allows you to establish a personal connection with your audience and address any concerns they may have.
  2. Showcase the design process: Provide insight into your design process, offering a glimpse of the factors that influenced your decisions. Including buyer personas in your presentation can also remind clients of the logo's purpose.
  3. Explain the advantages of the new logo: Clearly articulate why the new logo is superior. Highlight its relevance and memorability. While a side-by-side comparison is not necessary, you can use bullet points to list the advantages of the new logo.

It's equally important to be aware of common mistakes to avoid:

The don'ts of logo presentation:

  1. Avoid overwhelming clients with multiple ideas: Prioritize quality over quantity and narrow down the list of design choices before presenting them. Ideally, showcase no more than three of the most compelling design concepts.
  2. Don't assume shared aesthetic preferences: Maintain objectivity and explain the qualities of a great logo. Clarify why the new logo will perform well in various situations and resonate with the target audience of your clients.
  3. Steer clear of overexplanation: Avoid overwhelming slides with excessive text. Instead, utilize mockups and visuals to effectively convey your message. Anticipate potential objections and address them proactively within your presentation, rather than defending your idea afterward.

By following these dos and avoiding the don'ts, you can deliver a compelling and concise logo presentation that captivates your audience, communicates the value of your design, and addresses their concerns effectively.

FAQs about the Logo Presentation Template

Who should give a logo presentation?

It is generally more effective to have one person take the lead in delivering the presentation. This approach helps maintain focus and clarity for the audience. In the context of a design agency, it is typically the responsibility of the art director to present finished design projects. However, regardless of who presents, it is crucial to position yourself as an expert and establish trust with your clients.

What makes a terrific logo presentation?

When presenting a logo, it is essential to maintain objectivity and emphasize the practical benefits that your design offers. Instead of relying solely on subjective elements, highlight how your design addresses specific tasks and objectives. By demonstrating how the logo can assist clients in attracting a new target audience or increasing revenue, you can effectively build their appreciation for it.

Additionally, it's important to avoid immediately soliciting feedback during the presentation. Allow your clients some time to absorb and contemplate your creative logo designs. Encourage them to discuss the designs with their peers, as this fosters a collaborative environment and gives them an opportunity to form their own opinions. This approach ensures that your presentation is impactful without being overly assertive or pushy.

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