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Stakeholder Map Template

Use the Stakeholder Map template to identify and map out the people involved in a project. Getting buy-in will be easy and you will be able to accomplish your goals.

About the Stakeholder Map Template

A Stakeholder Map is a tool you can use to map out a group of people by their power and interest in relation to your project. This is a helpful way to see who might be able to influence your project or who has a vested interest in your product or idea.

The Stakeholder Map Template is only for mapping out the hierarchies inside of your organization, while the Stakeholder Analysis Template helps you plan, manage, and understand how to engage and communicate with all the key people who could impact your project.

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What is stakeholder mapping?

Stakeholder mapping is all about organizing all the people with a vested interest in your product, project, or idea into a single visual space. This way, you can easily see who can influence your project and how each person is related to the others.

It is typical to do stakeholder mapping at the beginning of a project. It is beneficial to do it early because it prevent miscommunication, ensures that all groups are aligned on objectives, and sets expectations about outcomes and results.

Why is stakeholder mapping so important?

If you want your new project to be successful, start by asking these questions: Who should you involve? Who should you keep updated? Who is likely to have questions or objections?

Stakeholder mapping is a useful tool from the beginning of a project, so that you can keep track of stakeholders and communicate with them effectively to move the project forward.

Benefits you can get from using the stakeholder mapping template:

Clear definition of the product

When you involve stakeholders in your project from the start, they can provide insights and advice that will help you shape your project for success.

Common understanding from the very beginning

It is important that you understand your stakeholders and develop a good relationship with them. If they trust you and understand the benefits of your project, they will be more likely to support you in the future.

Secure resources

A stakeholder map can help you more quickly identify individuals who either hold the purse strings or have the necessary influence to get you the resources you need.

Stakeholder Map examples

A Stakeholder Map can help you understand the key players who influence your project. You might involve different people in different projects, for example:

Product launch (software)

As part of the software product development process, you may involve several stakeholders such as:

  • Product manager
  • Developers
  • Marketers
  • Executive sponsor
  • Designers

Different teams inside your organization have different dependencies with one another, and you will need to communicate with them at different stages of your product launch. For example, you will need buy-in from an executive sponsor early, but this person does not need to know all the details involved in product development like a product manager would.

Identifying and understanding the needs of your key stakeholders is critical to the success of any project. By taking the time to map out their interests, you can ensure that everyone is aligned and that processes are accelerated. This, in turn, leads to quicker project progress.

Public sector project

You could have a broad range of stakeholders to work with if you're working in the public sector, including internal and external players.

  • Business groups
  • Elected representatives
  • Local councils
  • Courts
  • Trade unions
  • The media

When working on a project, it is important to know how to prioritize internal and external stakeholders. Delivering a clear message is crucial in order to get buy-in from stakeholders at an early stage.

FAQ about the Stakeholder Map Template

How do you create a stakeholder map?

  • Identify the people who have an interest or are involved in your project development or idea.
  • Use FigJam’s Stakeholder Map Template to list them, organizing them according to hierarchies or departments.
  • Be sure to be inclusive and add people who could also bring invaluable input to your project.

What should a stakeholder map include?

A stakeholder map is a diagram that shows the people who are involved, interested, or have a say in your project. This can include internal and external stakeholders, as well as people who need to be kept in the loop about your project's progress.

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