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Service Blueprint Template

Investigate customer’s journey from the very start to the finish and find ways to improve it!

About the Service Blueprint Template

A service blueprint template helps to create a visual representation of a service blueprint. It can be used to map out the steps involved in providing a service, identify areas for improvement, and track progress over time. The template can also be used to create a customer journey map or process flowchart.

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What is a service blueprint diagram?

A service blueprint is a diagram that shows the components of a service and how they work together to create the desired customer experience. The diagram typically includes 5 main sections:

  1. Frontstage - typically includes everything that the customer sees or interacts with, such as the website, retail store, call center, or product.
  2. Backstage - everything that happens behind the scenes to make the service possible, such as fulfillment, manufacturing, or customer service.
  3. Supporting cast - all of the people and resources that support both the front and back stages, such as IT, HR, or marketing.
  4. Physical evidence - is any tangible or visible element of a service that can be seen, felt, or heard by customers, such as websites, customer receipts, or emails.
  5. Customer actions - any activities that customers engage in while using a service, like visiting the website, placing an order, or contacting a customer support.

A service blueprint can be used to create a new service or improve an existing one. It can help identify problems and opportunities at each stage of the service and pinpoint areas where changes would have the biggest impact.

When to use a service blueprint template

A service blueprint template can be used when designing or improving a service. It can help to identify the key touchpoints in the customer journey, and map out the steps involved in delivering the service. FigJam`s Service Blueprint template can also be used to assess the feasibility of a new service, or to evaluate an existing one.

Service blueprint template advantages

There are many advantages to using a blueprint template for your service business. A blueprint template can help you:

  • save time by providing a starting point for your service business plan;
  • ensure that your service business plan is comprehensive and includes all of the essential components;
  • identify gaps or inconsistencies in the customer experience that you may not have been aware of before;
  • create a visual representation of the customer journey can help to make complex processes more understandable and easier to improve.

How to create your own Service Blueprint template

Start by selecting FigJam’s Service Blueprint Template, then follow these simple steps to map it out accordingly to your business processes:

  1. Start from a customer's point of view. Try to investigate customer’s experience from the very start (searching needed product within your website) to the finish (delivery, product review, refund).
  2. Map out the steps of customer’s experience. Summarize the received feedback into actions and lay them out as steps that were taken in chronological order.
  3. Move on to the backstage processes. When you’re done filling in the customer’s journey, it’s time to lay out processes, support systems, and technologies that exist on the backstage.
  4. Map out roles and responsibilities. With FigJam whiteboard you can customize your map with sticky notes, color-coding, attached visuals, and more. Using there features you can easily specify lines of interaction, and divide roles and responsibilities.
  5. Illustrate cross-functional relationships. Show dependencies that cross-cut various steps in the map by using arrows.

FAQs about the Service Blueprint template

Why is service blueprint important?

By mapping out all of the steps involved in a service, from start to finish, it becomes easier to see where breakdowns may occur, or where the customer experience could be enhanced. Additionally, a service blueprint can help to create a shared understanding among team members of what the customer experience looks like, and how everyone can play a role in delivering excellent service.

What are the components of a service blueprint?

The service blueprint template consists of 5 components: physical evidence, customer actions, frontstage and backstage, and support process.

Why is service blueprint important for service type of businesses?

Service blueprint helps business owners to understand how their customers interact with their business and what they are looking for. It also allows businesses to see where improvements can be made in order to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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