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Character Drawing Template

Capture emotions, craft stories, and bring your imagination to life with ease and precision.

About the Character Drawing Template

Piera Mattioli, a self-reliant service designer and visual thinker, created the Character Drawing Template to infuse more enjoyment and vibrancy into introductory rounds. The concept is straightforward: illustrate yourself in a manner that mirrors your individuality. This activity is especially well-suited for events or workshops with a substantial number of participants.

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What’s the Character Drawing Template?

The Character Drawing Template comprises a single frame featuring an array of character components and separate empty spaces designated for individuals to create their own characters. Piera Mattioli thoughtfully designed these illustration-style elements, incorporating them into this template, thus enabling people to effortlessly craft their characters without the need to contemplate or seek out images from external sources.

Benefits of using the Character Drawing Template

The Person Drawing Template serves as a valuable tool for familiarizing individuals with the board, providing instruction on fundamental actions like copying, pasting, resizing, and repositioning objects. Furthermore, this icebreaker offers an enjoyable, dynamic means of fostering present-moment engagement and interaction with others.

This template is particularly well-suited for extensive workshops and meetings, offering a more engaging alternative to the conventional introductory round, which can be time-consuming and less interactive. Additionally, you can adapt this template for use within smaller teams by customizing the blank working spaces to accommodate your team's size.

How to use the Character Drawing Template

Using the Character Drawing Template for this enjoyable icebreaker is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Get Creative
    • Begin by selecting the pre-made template and adding it to your board.
    • Encourage participants to draw themselves using the available elements on the board, including face shape, hairstyles, eyes, nose, mouth, and more. They have the flexibility to add additional elements, copy, paste, and customize sizes and colors as they desire.
    • Instruct participants to craft their characters in one of the blank spaces at the bottom of the board.
  2. Personalize Your Character
    • Invite participants to write their names in the provided blank boxes and describe how they are feeling at that moment.
  3. Introduce Your Creations
    • Once everyone has completed their character drawings, initiate an introductory round where participants showcase their creations.
    • Highlight any interesting or noteworthy details you come across during the introductions.

This icebreaker is ideal for sessions lasting approximately 15 to 20 minutes, ensuring an engaging and efficient activity.

Character Drawing Template FAQ

How do you make virtual introductions fun?

Numerous facilitators have reinvented conventional introduction rounds by incorporating enjoyable icebreakers. Rather than the typical self-introductions, they encourage participants to partake in activities on the board that ultimately substitute the introductory round. The Character Drawing Template serves as a prime illustration of how introductions can be transformed into an entertaining and engaging experience. In this icebreaker, each participant is tasked with creating a caricature of themselves.

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