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Timeline Workflow

You can more effectively plan activities and manage projects by structuring tasks in a timeline.

About the Timeline Workflow

What is a timeline workflow?

Timelines are useful for seeing the chronology of projects at a glance. They can help your team tell stories and visualize events, processes, or projects.

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When to use the Timeline workflow template

You can use the Timeline Workflow template for any project that needs visual content. This template can help you communicate your project's progress to your team and other stakeholders.

The benefits of using timelines

Teams can use timelines to effectively manage their work, regardless of their location or circumstance. Here are some key benefits of using timelines:

  1. Alignment: Timelines are useful for keeping teams on track during a project. This way, everyone knows their responsibilities and no one forgets to do something.
  2. Planning: Timelines are important for teams in order to establish the parameters of a project. They help determine what resources are needed to finish the project, who the stakeholders are, and what the important deadlines are.
  3. Visualization: It can be difficult to figure out your responsibilities to the team when you're working on a project with many moving parts. Timelines help your team visualize, track, and report on your progress, as well as past and future steps toward finishing your goal.
  4. Ownership: When you create a timeline for a project and assign tasks to team members, it helps everyone take ownership of their responsibilities. Having a timeline and understanding who is responsible for what aspect of the project helps keep everyone on track.

Create your own timeline workflow

FigJam's whiteboard tool is great for creating and sharing your timeline workflow.

Selecting the Timeline Workflow template, then add your teammates or stakeholders to the timeline board by sending them an invitation. Together with the team customize the timeline to make it representative of your project. Any changes that you make will be reflected in real time. You can add documents, videos, screenshots, and pictures. You can also easily collect feedback through comments and @mentions.

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