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Virtual Fishbowl Discussion Template

Facilitate engaging discussions, foster open dialogue and diverse perspectives seamlessly.

About the Virtual Fishbowl Discussion Template

Designed by Workshop Tactics, this template aims to elevate facilitation skills for all. Online meetings have presented challenges, with interruptions and simultaneous conversations frequently causing difficulty. This often results in the loudest voice dominating the discussion. Addressing this issue, the Virtual Fishbowl Discussion Template was developed. This resource offers a seamless way to steer team discussions and ensure everyone's perspective is heard.

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What’s the Virtual Fishbowl Discussion Template?

This template mirrors the traditional fishbowl discussion method, recognized for its efficacy in facilitating debates and ensuring inclusivity. It provides an online adaptation of this tactic, offering participants an opportunity to express themselves. Within a virtual environment, participants engage in topic-centered conversations by virtually occupying designated seats with their avatars, mimicking the physical setup of a discussion space.

Benefits of using the Virtual Fishbowl Discussion Template

Employing the Virtual Fishbowl Discussion Template offers a range of advantages, including:

Inclusive Participation
The template ensures that all participants have an opportunity to contribute their thoughts and ideas, promoting a more democratic and equitable discussion environment.

Reduced Interruptions
By structuring turns and avatars, the template minimizes the likelihood of interruptions and overlapping conversations, fostering focused and organized discussions.

Enhanced Engagement
The interactive nature of the template keeps participants engaged, as they actively take their turns and contribute to the conversation.

Balanced Voice
This approach prevents one dominant voice from overpowering the discussion, allowing diverse perspectives to surface and fostering a well-rounded discourse.

How to use the Virtual Fishbowl Discussion Template

Utilizing the Virtual Fishbowl Discussion Template is a seamless process that can be seamlessly integrated into any workshop board. Here's how to establish a virtual remote fishbowl discussion:

  1. Customize avatars with participant info and place them near center chairs
  2. Share FigJam board link with participants and explain fishbowl discussion process.
  3. Use a vote to choose topics.
  4. Start with two volunteers in center chairs.
  5. Set a timer for discussions.
  6. Rotate participants if a chair is filled.
  7. Repeat steps for each topic and continue until the session ends.

Virtual Fishbowl Discussion Template FAQs

How do you prepare a fishbowl discussion?

To set up a fishbowl discussion, as the facilitator, prioritize creating an inclusive and secure environment for all participants. As you conduct the discussion, make certain that each person engages in the discourse at least once. Prior to your workshop, follow these steps:

  • Choose the provided template and tailor it to your specifications, integrating names and avatars for each participant.
  • Familiarize yourself with the timer function on your FigJam board.
  • When ready to initiate, share the board link with all participants so they can access it during the discussion.

What are fishbowl questions?

Fishbowl questions are inquiries that form the basis of discussion in a fishbowl discussion. These questions revolve around the chosen topics, and the specific questions can vary depending on the subjects the group opts to deliberate upon. The beauty of this exercise lies in allowing participants to formulate their own questions related to a particular topic. As you facilitate a fishbowl discussion, you'll observe participants engaging in a dialogue that often centers on examining the advantages and disadvantages of the selected issue.

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