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SAFe Program Template

Streamline your processes and scale Agile practices for efficient program management.

About the SAFe Program Template

The SAFe Program Board Template is a visual tool for managing and coordinating Agile programs, enabling users to plan, track, and optimize their projects for streamlined, efficient program management. With this template, users can benefit from improved communication, transparency, and alignment among team members, leading to increased productivity and successful delivery of complex projects within the SAFe framework.

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What is a SAFe program board

A SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) Program Board is a visual management tool used in SAFe methodologies for program-level planning and coordination. It's a visual representation of an Agile Release Train (ART), typically consisting of multiple Agile teams working together on a common solution. This board enables:

  • Collaboration

    It brings teams, stakeholders, and individuals together to plan, track, and achieve program objectives.

  • Dependency Management

    Teams can identify and manage dependencies among their work items, ensuring smooth progress.

  • Status Tracking

    Real-time updates on work item statuses, helping identify and resolve issues promptly.

  • Transparency

    Provides complete visibility into program progress for all stakeholders.

When to use a SAFe program board

A SAFe Program Board is typically used in the context of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to facilitate program-level planning and coordination. Here are specific scenarios and situations when it's appropriate to use a SAFe Program Board:

  1. Program Increment (PI) Planning

    The Program Board is a fundamental tool during PI planning events. PI planning is a regular, fixed-timeframe event where multiple Agile teams collaborate to plan and commit to delivering a set of features. The board helps align teams and visualize dependencies.

  2. Multi-Team Collaboration

    When you have several Agile teams working on a common solution, especially in large and complex projects, a Program Board is invaluable for aligning and coordinating these teams.

  3. Dependency Management

    When your program involves significant inter-team dependencies that need to be identified, managed, and tracked, a Program Board provides a visual way to do so.

  4. Transparency and Communication

    When you need to enhance transparency and communication across different teams and stakeholders, the board becomes a central point for sharing information and progress.

  5. Status Tracking

    Use the Program Board to track the status of work items, including whether they are in progress, completed, or blocked. This helps in real-time tracking and issue resolution.

Create your own SAFe program board

Creating your SAFe Program Board is simple with FigJam's whiteboard tool. Start by selecting the SAFe Program Board Template and follow these steps:

  1. Label the Board

    Before diving into planning, personalize the board by adding the names of your teams, session participants, and the iteration you're working on.

  2. Incorporate Milestones, Timelines, and Releases

    Fill in the designated sections of the board with important deadlines and progress tracking elements.

  3. Add Features and Enablers

    The left side of the board is where you'll find slots for Features and Enablers. Features encompass what you plan to deliver during the production cycle, while Enablers support the activities required to complete business tasks. Don't forget to include any dependencies.

  4. Synchronize with Your Team

    Even after setting up the board, continue using it to maintain alignment with your team as you work on projects. Feel free to iterate on the board, moving Features, Enablers, timelines, and milestones as needed.

SAFe Program Board FAQ

When to use a SAFe program board?

You can use a SAFe Program Board when aiming to create a visual overview of features or objectives, establish their timelines, and illustrate any inter-team dependencies affecting delivery. This board serves as a valuable tool for communicating the program's status and objectives throughout the entire organization.

What are the 4 core values of SAFe?

SAFe's effectiveness is rooted in its 4 Core Values: Alignment, Built-In Quality, Transparency, and Program Execution.

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