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Simple Project Plan Template

Oversee your team's time, budget, and resources proficiently to commence the project goals.

About the Simple Project Plan Template

The most robust project plans solicit feedback and aim for clear comprehension with team members or clients who play a role in the project's output or approval process.

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What is a simple project plan

The project plan should assist your team in addressing the key questions pertaining to the rationale behind why the project is necessary. The document must provide comprehensive responses to the following queries:

  • What is the objective of our project?
  • Why do we need to accomplish it?
  • What approach will we adopt to achieve it?
  • When will each step of the plan be implemented?
  • How much time will be required for each step?

When to use a simple project plan

A project manager or lead can initiate a basic project plan that can be tailored to suit both internal team projects and external client partner projects.

To gather the essential data and information required for your project plan, you can:

  • Conduct a meeting with your client or project sponsor, take detailed notes, and establish expectations as early as possible. Encourage them to share their product knowledge and discuss timelines and other potential delays in final delivery. Determine the most effective communication methods for the project, along with how often you will check in with each other.
  • Assemble your team or department within your organization, identify individuals who possess the requisite skills for each phase of the project and invite them to join the effort.
  • Request input from your team members, who can provide valuable feedback that will enable you to refine deliverables, budget estimates, and timelines. It is imperative to note that a project plan is a dynamic document that evolves as the project develops.

Create your own simple project plan

Creating your own basic project plans is a simple process. FigJam's whiteboard tool provides an ideal platform to design and share them effortlessly. To get started, select the Simple Project Plan Template and follow these steps to create one of your own.

  1. Determine the definition of success. Irrespective of whether you are working on an internal or external project, it is crucial to establish clear parameters that define a project's success or failure. Consider not only the outcome (such as client approval of deliverables) but also the process (including hours worked to achieve the outcome, number of people involved, and their contributions).
  2. Establish team objectives. After defining specific, measurable, time-bound goals, prioritize them and align your team accordingly so that everyone can concentrate on essential tasks.
  3. Allocate responsibilities to everyone involved in the project. At every stage of the project, each team member should be aware of their respective accountabilities. Consider how each team member can contribute towards achieving the ultimate goal, while also taking into account their availability and workload.
  4. Specify your deliverables. Clearly define the expected output as early as possible to establish expectations. These deliverables should be comprehensive and aligned with the project objectives.
  5. Create a timeline for your project plan. While projects may not always proceed as planned, visual aids such as timelines enable the team to understand the scope of tasks, different phases of the project, priority levels, duration of each task, and team members responsible for ensuring successful completion of each task.
  6. Conduct a kick-off meeting for your project plan. This is an opportunity for the project to motivate and inspire your team members. By holding everyone accountable and responsible, it becomes easier to keep sight of the bigger picture and achieve your goals effectively.

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