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Assumption Grid Template

An Assumption Grid can help you make decisions in an uncertain environment.

About the Assumption Grid Template

What is an Assumption Grid?

The Assumption Grid, developed by IBM, is a powerful tool that helps you decide which assumptions from your business model you should test first. By visualizing your assumptions, the grid empowers you to make judgment calls, prioritize, mitigate risk, and overcome uncertainties. The grid plots your assumptions on two axes: high impact assumptions for which you have little information, and low impact assumptions for which you have little information.

After you've put different items on the grid, the Assumption Grid becomes a good way to communicate with others. Get your team together and have them discuss the results. You might end up with new assumptions, or you might change where some of the items are on the grid.

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How do you use the Assumption Grid template?

You can start by customizing one of our pre-made templates to fit your needs, then invite team members to collaborate on your board. You can use @mention or video chat to get input from others, and color-coded sticky notes to keep track of each person's contributions. You can also upload other file types such as documents, photos, videos, and PDFs to store all the relevant information in one place.

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