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Online Sketching Template

Effortlessly conceptualize and craft mobile applications with ease. Reduce the time spent on wireframing and receive prompt feedback during the prototyping phase.

About the Online Sketching Template

Visualizing concepts and creating prototypes quickly and easily is made possible through the art of sketching. This technique is widespread among UX and UI professionals, as it significantly reduces the effort required when wireframing an application.

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What is online sketching?

Online sketching provides a convenient and efficient way of creating conceptual designs, ideas, or application prototypes.

In the world of UX design, this technique is widely used to produce basic visual representations that can be presented to stakeholders for approval before proceeding with the project.

Given the complexity of many concepts and ideas, expressing them verbally can sometimes be challenging. As such, designers often rely on online sketching as a preliminary step before moving on to more intricate and time-consuming tasks like app wireframing.

3 benefits of using an online drawing tool

Utilizing online sketching can significantly enhance your ability to develop and refine your concepts and ideas, particularly during the early stages of mobile app design.

Here are some key benefits of using online sketching:


Online sketching tools allow you to easily share each iteration of your project or design with relevant stakeholders. With the ability for you and your team to make changes directly on the board, this process becomes more collaborative and streamlined.

Ideation and Iteration

One of the primary advantages of utilizing online sketch tools is that each design iteration can be saved, allowing you to build off previous designs quickly. This iterative approach enables designers to access previous designs and work towards better solutions rapidly.


The online sketching template offers a range of design features that facilitate the creation of app wireframes. These include drawing buttons, creating tags, and plotting multiple screens or ideas using the wireframe library. This versatility allows designers to create comprehensive app blueprints more efficiently.

3 ways to use the Online Sketching Template for mobile apps

Creating a mobile app from scratch can be an intricate and time-consuming process for designers and developers. However, with the use of an online sketching template, some of this stress can be alleviated.

Here are three ways in which online sketching can aid in the app development process:

1. Planning Mobile App Layouts

An online sketching template is a valuable tool for mapping out the layout of your new mobile app. You can design logos, buttons, and transitions between screens, among other features.

2. Demonstrating Mobile App Flow

Online sketching lets you showcase your app's user flow by seamlessly transitioning between screens and functionalities. Share these design concepts with cross-functional partners such as product, marketing or development teams to obtain their input.

3. Designing Logos

Designing a new logo for your brand requires careful consideration due to its complexity and the varying opinions from key stakeholders such as product managers or CEOs. An online sketching template is a powerful tool that allows designers to create logos efficiently while sharing their work and distributing ideas early on.

FAQ about the Online Sketching Template

How to use the online sketching template?

If you're developing mobile apps, the online sketching template can be an excellent resource for presenting early design concepts and receiving prompt feedback before initiating the app wireframe process. Use the ready-made template and pen tool to sketch out your app designs roughly.

Are there any templates for online sketching?

Yes, we offer a pre-made template that can be customized to suit your specific needs. You can invite team members to join your board and collaborate, using @mention or video chat if necessary to receive input from others.

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