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OKR Planning Template

Achieve your goals with ease using the OKR Planning Template. Streamline your objectives, key results, and track progress effortlessly.

About the OKR Planning Template

The OKR Planning template ensures seamless OKR sessions by providing step-by-step guidance for each stage of the planning process. It offers clear instructions and customizable fields, enabling you to effectively align your team and drive business objectives with actionable items.

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What is the OKR Planning Template?

The OKR Planning Template is a comprehensive set of six templates designed to facilitate every aspect of your OKR Planning sessions. With a clear framework, it supports you in leading the entire OKR planning process, from pre-meeting preparations to post-meeting actions.

The template includes the following six frames:

  1. Team Icebreaker
  2. Goals and Topics
  3. Questions and Answers
  4. Brainstorming
  5. Breakout Group Discussions
  6. Action Plan and Next Steps

Who is the OKR Planning Template for?

The OKR Planning Template is designed for teams and organizations that follow the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) framework. It is suitable for managers, team leaders, and facilitators who are responsible for planning and implementing OKRs within their teams or across the organization.

The OKR Planning Template offers a structured approach to conducting efficient planning sessions. Here's a guide on how to use it:

  1. Team Icebreaker: Kickstart the session with the Love Bomb Icebreaker to foster connection and appreciation among team members.
  2. Goals and Topics: Outline the meeting agenda and provide relevant information such as company metrics or an inspirational quote.
  3. Questions and Answers: Encourage participants to ask questions and address concerns, actively listening to their input.
  4. Brainstorming: Engage in a collaborative brainstorming activity to determine focus areas for the upcoming period. Use the voting feature to ensure everyone's involvement.
  5. Breakout Group Discussions: Facilitate breakout rooms where teams can discuss brainstormed topics and develop key results and actionable steps.
  6. Action Plan and Next Steps: Define objectives set by each group, along with associated risks and necessary actions.
  7. Schedule a follow-up session: As a facilitator, ensure alignment by scheduling a follow-up meeting to track progress.

With FigJam's online whiteboard, all the information and documentation can be easily stored and accessed, facilitating ongoing collaboration and reference beyond the initial planning meeting.

FAQ about OKR Planning Template

How do you run an OKR planning meeting using this template pack?

The OKR Planning template is a comprehensive tool for organizing and defining your team's and company's OKRs. Consider the knowledge level of your audience during the session and address their needs, providing instructions, references, and addressing questions and concerns. Actively listen to your team and be responsive to their challenges. Utilize Ice Breakers and Brainstorm sessions to encourage active participation. Foster discussions through Breakout rooms and gather actionable points from everyone to achieve the desired results.

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