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Status Report Template

Efficiently track progress, tasks, and milestones for informed decision-making.

About the Status Report Template

An effective status report should illustrate the progression that has occurred over time. Interested in outlining your project's present condition? That's where a project status report comes in.

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The status report places a strong emphasis on charting a project's chronological sequence of events. For project managers, this report serves as a historical record of project timelines. Ideally, any stakeholder involved in the project should be able to glance at a status report and confidently address the query, "Where do we stand, and how did we arrive here?"

While this template provides a starting point, you can also tailor its name to reflect team values or prioritized behaviors. Consider terms like "progress report," "situation report," or "implementation report" to align with your team's focus.

What is a status report

A status report provides a concise overview of your project's advancement in comparison to its planned objectives. It encompasses a project or initiative synopsis, delivery timelines, and notes on challenges or pending tasks.

This report serves as an efficient method to:

  • Foster stakeholder support and engagement.
  • Clearly communicate project milestone achievements.
  • Recognize and resolve potential obstacles proactively.

When to use a status report

A status report should be used in various scenarios to ensure effective communication and tracking of project progress. Here are some instances when you should consider using a status report:

  • Regular Updates: Use status reports on a scheduled basis, such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, to provide consistent updates on project progress to stakeholders.
  • Project Reviews: Incorporate status reports for project review meetings to present a comprehensive overview of accomplishments, challenges, and future plans.
  • Milestone Achievements: Use status reports to highlight the completion of significant milestones, showcasing progress and celebrating achievements.
  • Problem Resolution: When obstacles or issues arise, utilize status reports to outline the challenges, proposed solutions, and progress towards resolution.
  • Decision Points: Before making critical decisions related to the project, share a status report to ensure all stakeholders are informed and aligned.

Create your own status report

Crafting your own status reports is a straightforward process. FigJam's versatile whiteboard tool provides an ideal platform to generate and distribute these reports. To begin, select the Status Report Template and proceed with the subsequent steps to customize your report:

  1. Define Project Objectives

    Begin by clarifying your project's goals, encompassing themes, milestones, deliverables, and involved team members. Pose essential questions: "How do we gauge success? What potential challenges could arise? What insights do we seek to gather?"

  2. Establish Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

    Structure your Objectives and Key Results within defined time frames. Maintain transparency while providing details about the primary goals for the designated period. If your team's OKRs haven't been set up yet, our [OKR template link here] can be a useful resource.

  3. Engage Your Team

    Invite your team to collaboratively contribute to the template by sharing status updates related to their areas of responsibility. Inquire about progress, potential risks, completed tasks, and upcoming endeavors.

  4. Iterate Collaboratively

    Adapt the report as necessary in collaboration with your team. Encourage team members to circulate the status report widely. Utilize links to external documents or resources for additional insights, and spotlight individual contributions using sticky notes.

  5. Share Insights

    Upon project completion, furnish a comprehensive summary report to your team. Highlight achievements, challenges, and lessons learned to provide closure and insight for future endeavors.

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