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Pie Chart Template

Present relationships between datasets and see contrast right away.

About the Pie Chart Template

A Pie Chart Template is a graphical tool that is used to show the relationships between datasets. It is often also referred to as a circle chart because the circle sections look like slices of a pie. The different datasets are represented by the different sections of the circle so that you can easily compare them all at once. The Pie Chart Template is an excellent tool to enhance presentations and make data more digestible to any audience.

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What is the Pie Chart Template

A pie chart is a circular chart with sections that represent the proportions of a whole. The sections are usually displayed as percentages and add up to 100%, making a full circle.

When to use the Pie Chart Template

Pie charts are a popular choice for data visualization among professionals in many industries. They are easy to read and interpret, making them a go-to option for data comparison and contrast.

Pie charts are commonly used in business and education to support storytelling with visual data. They are effective in engaging audiences quickly and easily.

How to create a pie chart

With FigJam, you can easily make a pie chart using either a ready-made template or by drawing one from scratch. FigJam’s extensive diagramming capabilities make it the perfect tool for creating pie charts. With just a few clicks, you can create your own pie chart.

Here's how to make a pie chart using our template:

  1. Open the Pie Chart Template.
  2. Double click the pie chart to add data to each series. Make sure to add real numbers, not percentages.
  3. Create your own the title and edit the legend.

You can change the looks and colors as you like as soon as you set up your pie chart.

A pie chart example

For example, you can save on your water consumption by creating a pie chart to show all the ways you consume water and how much water each of them uses. Toilet consumption, shower, kitchen sink, washing machine, dishwasher, and any leakages can be added to the chart. For each of these, add the percentage of their consumption, the total consumption should be 100% in the end of it all. This will give you a good overview of which areas are consuming the most and which areas are consuming the least.

FAQ about the Pie Chart template

Where can I create a pie chart?

Creating a pie chart is a great way to visually represent data during presentations or reports. FigJam is an excellent pie chart maker that allows you to easily create and attach your pie chart to any other document. Our pie chart template is highly customizable and can be easily shared with your team. Give it a try and see if it works for you.

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