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Disney Creative Strategy Template

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About the Disney Creative Strategy Template

The Disney Creative Strategy template is a tool inspired by Walt Disney's creative process. It helps individuals and teams brainstorm, plan, and evaluate ideas from three different perspectives: the Dreamer, the Realist, and the Critic. This technique encourages creativity and comprehensive idea development.

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What is the Disney Creative Strategy?

The Disney Creative Strategy, also known as "Disney Method" or "Disney Brainstorming," is a creative problem-solving technique inspired by Walt Disney's approach to innovation. It involves looking at challenges from three distinct perspectives:

  1. The Dreamer: In this phase, you let your imagination run wild. You generate ideas without any constraints, focusing on creativity and innovation.
  2. The Realist: Here, you examine the practical aspects of your ideas. You consider how to turn the creative concepts into reality, addressing logistics, resources, and planning.
  3. The Critic: In this phase, you evaluate and analyze the ideas critically. You identify potential issues, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

By shifting between these three perspectives, the Disney Creative Strategy helps you develop well-rounded, actionable ideas and solutions. It's a structured way to encourage innovation and overcome creative blocks.

How do you follow the Disney Creative Strategy?

To follow the Disney Creative Strategy, you begin with the dreamer's style of thinking, where the team freely shares ideas without restrictions or criticism. The primary goal is to generate a multitude of creative ideas without concern for their feasibility or realism. Next, transition to the realist's approach. Change your physical or mental location and think more logically. Create an action plan to implement and realize the chosen ideas. Lastly, shift to yet another location to adopt the critic's mindset. Analyze the ideas critically, identifying any potential obstacles or weaknesses in the concepts. This multi-step approach allows for a comprehensive exploration of ideas from various angles.

The 3 Stages of the Disney Creative Strategy

  1. The Dreamer: In the initial stage, focus on unleashing creativity by allowing ideas to flow freely without criticism or constraints.

    Questions to consider: What are our desires? How can we envision potential solutions? What advantages might this solution offer?

  2. The Realist: Transition to a realist perspective. Assume that the dream is achievable and explore the practical steps required to make it a reality.

    Questions to consider: How can we implement this idea? What action plan should we create? What timeline and resources are necessary?

  3. The Critic: With an action plan in place, it's time to identify and address potential challenges and weaknesses.

    Questions to consider: What obstacles might arise with this idea? What elements are missing? Are there any inherent weaknesses to consider?

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